Elisabeth Ghannam

Diamonds can be found anywhere.


Her parents are Benyamin Ghannam and Greta Blood. Her older brother is Ser Grunval Ghannam.

She married a middling Lord, Jason Blood, very quickly after the Agros Rebellion. She has one son, Marius Blood-Ghannam, who became Lord of Herodice after the death of Elisabeth’s brother, Grunval. Marius is sometimes thought to be the son of the traitorous Varian Stormwind due to his grey eyes and Elisabeth’s fondness for Varian before his execution.


A stunning beauty, born to a family of ugly people, one would think she was unrelated to the normally hideous Ghannam family until one saw the eyes: those black, beady eyes that gives the family line away. She is best known for showing off her unexpected beauty with very thin and revealing clothing.

Elisabeth Ghannam

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