Edric Storm


“Did the boy charm you? He has that gift. He got it from his father, with the blood. He knows he is a king’s son, but chooses to forget that he is bastard-born.” – Stannis Baratheon on Edric Storm.

Born: 287 (11 years old)
Physique: Edric is a sturdily attractive youth, with jet-black hair and deep blue eyes. He is said to be “the very image” of his father, although he also has the large ears common to House Florent. He is charming and courteous, but also fierce and proud.

He is currently serving as a Field Commander for Renly, guarding the Dornish Marches.


Edric was conceived by Robert and Delena on the wedding night of Stannis Baratheon and Selyse Florent, in the couple’s own wedding bed. Stannis saw this as an insult to his honor, so he sent Edric to Storm’s End to foster with his other uncle, Renly Baratheon. As Delena was a noblewoman, Edric was acknowledged by his father.

Recently Stannis offered Renly a truce, if Renly would surrender the boy to his custody.

Edric Storm

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