Dreya Saint-Clair


Her parents are both deceased. Her elder siblings are Astoria Saint-Clair, Jacques Saint-Clair, andAmelia Saint-Clair.

She is around 16. While undeniably pretty, she does not have possess the same ravishing beauty as her other siblings. She still has the Saint-Clair bright red hair, though hers in frizzy and uncontrollable.

She married Orland Anzo and was pregnant with his child when she died from the Red Pox. They were apparently deeply and madly in love before her death.


Dreya is a particularly quiet girl who suffers from epilepsy – and thus, occasionally, she experiences violent seizures. Due to this illness, her siblings are very protective of her.

As with all of the Saint-Clair siblings, she is extremely close to all three of her siblings. They have a strange habit of sharing the same quarters even when they are offered separate ones.

Dreya Saint-Clair

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