Dravilia Dinar


Born: 303 (Age 20 in Gen 2)
Description: Tall for a Dinar woman, perhaps 5’4”, Dravilia would perhaps be a great beauty if it were not for the deep scars across her face. She has dark eyes and often wears heavy makeup to attempt to cover her scars. She tends to prefer buff jackets and trousers to more traditional feminine garb. Her dark hair is in multiple braids, although she wears her bangs long to better shroud her face.

Daughter of Thorin Dinar and Saris Shroud. Niece of Silas Shroud.


Dravilia was mauled by a hunting cat when she was a young girl. She has grown into a solemn, bitter, and perhaps even a touch cruel woman. She is talented and well learned, especially in matters of law and history; she recently traveled to Storm’s End hoping to gain a position among Renly’s courtiers.
While she gets along well with her father, she and her mother have issues. After being mauled, her mother began, not so subtly, encouraging her to become a Septa or Silent Sister. A task Dravilia was none too eager to take on. Their rows are something of a family legend.
She has a razor wit that she rarely employs, but when she aims a shot its always a killing blow.

Dravilia Dinar

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