Catelyn Tully


Born: 264
Daughter of Hoster Tully and Minisia Whent. Her younger siblings are Edmure and Lysa. Her uncle is Brynden the Blackfish.
She is the widow of Eddard Stark.
She had five children with him: Robb, Sansa, Arya, Brandon, and Rickon Stark.
Her nephew is Robert Arryn.

She is described as beautiful, with auburn hair, blue eyes, and long fingers.


Originally, Catelyn was going to marry Brandon Stark, but after his untimely death, she married his brother Eddard instead. Their marriage has been very successful and they have made one another quite happy.

She captured Tyrion Lannister in the Riverlands, in retribution for the attempted assassination of her son, Bran. This directly led to Tywin Lannister’s forces invading the Riverlands, despite the fact she actually took him to the Eyrie in the Vale and the fact that he eventually was set free.

Catelyn Tully

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