Boudica of Ghis

Leader of the Spears of Ghis.


Boudica is a large, muscular woman with a mane of fiery red hair. Her body is covered in scars and tribal tattoos. Westerosi men find her appearance shocking and unpleasant, though members of the Spears of Ghis seem to enjoy it.

She tends to be very liberal with her body and when she is not in her battle armor, she wears very little clothing – sometimes none at all.

She was killed in the raids on the Reach, supposedly by the hands of one of Renly’s Lords after Boudicca demanded more money for her services. This led to the departure of the Spears of Ghis from Renly’s encampment and their joining up with the forces of Joffrey Baratheon.


Her past is mostly unknown. Her name is probably a lie – Ghis has been in ruins for centuries.

She is the highest ranking member of the Spears of Ghis, a mercenary company competing for contracts in Renly’s camp. They are a mostly disorganized group of warriors, but they are normally effective in battle.

She wields a Valyrian steel spear, known as Foe-Eater.

Boudica of Ghis

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