Astoria Saint-Clair


Both of her parents are deceased. Her younger siblings areJacques Saint-Clair, Amelia Saint-Clair and Dreya Saint-Clair. She is in her forties and has lost of a lot of her spark of life and is known for being dismally quiet.

A beautiful young woman with the typical Saint-Clair hair, who tends to wear glamorous yet modest dresses.

She is now married to Nathaniel Lux and has three children with him, Louise, Raquelle and Alexander.


While she is ill at ease in the social scene, Astoria’s keen mind makes up for her social weaknesses. She is surprisingly bright, quick to absorb new information and an avid reader of any book she can get her hands on.

She is extremely close to all of her siblings and even stays in the same room as them, even when other rooms are available.

Astoria Saint-Clair

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