Alvarian Anzo

A tricky fighter, known for his Eastern tactics.


Born: 275
Normally called Alvar by those who know him. He is occasionally mockingly referred to as the Easterling.

Alvar’s parents are Eduard Anzo and Gennifer Darkwater. His younger siblings are Azelia, Orland, Kassandra, Leon, Felar and Laela. He is married to a beautiful foreign woman named Clara Rose Qarth. He is now 48 and has one son, Altair.


At the age of 9, Alvar witnessed the sacking of a village by Gregor Clegane and his men, then heard the monster was honored with a knighthood for the deed. After that, Alvar became disillusioned with Westerosi culture and became enamored of Eastern ideas and values. After the birth of his youngest sister, Laela, Alvar accompanied his mother on her trip to Essos, from which she never returned. After nine years overseas, Alvar finally returned to reclaim his place as Anzo’s heir.

Alvarian Anzo

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