Agrax the Huge

The heaviest man in Westeros.


He is the commander of the Second Sons, one of the two largest mercenary groups competing for contracts in Renly’s army.

Agrax is a huge man. While he is not particularly tall – he is about 6 foot even – he possesses a very wide form and bulging muscles. He adds a thick beard and an enormous great maul to complete his strange, yet fearsome, appearance.


Agrax was born into a minor Crownlands house. He was a second son, who was scorned by most of his family due to his immense size. When his father died, his elder brother, now Lord, cut him out of the wealth of the house and Agrax was left with nothing.

He joined the Second Sons mercenary group after that and risen to be its commander.

After 25 years, he is now the Captain of the Guard at Storm’s End, sharing the responsibilities with the Minister of the Guard, Ser Ansgar the Fierce.

Agrax the Huge

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