Adric Lux

Taking the eye of Lux to the infinite skies.


He is sometimes called the Falconer.

His father is Jonah Lux and his mother is Olivia Bright. His sister is Adria Lux. He is seventeen years old.

After being the Lord of House Lux for only a brief time, he forsook his inheritance to become a Maester, leaving House Lux to his cousin, Nathaniel Lux. Adric is now Grand Maester of Storm’s End.

He swore his vow of hatred against Ignorance.


Adric is an honorable man, if not a strong one. Despite his father’s wishes, he has a much cooler head than many in his family. His main interest lies in falconry and he is renowned for his great skill in the art. He owns many birds for various purposes; his personal favorite is a golden eagle named Jane, who he often speaks of as if she were his wife.

Adric Lux

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