Adria Lux

A shining inspiration for the Luxian army.


Born: 279
Her parents are Jonah Lux and Olivia Bright. Her younger brother is Adric Lux. She is nineteen years old and, according to her father, greatly resembles her aunt Luciana.

She married Nero Corax and bore him two sons, August and Hector.


Luxian tradition sends a beautiful bachelorette into battle with the army as the battle standard bearer: the point being that the men are invigorated by their desire to protect the woman and potentially win her heart with their great prowess. Adria has trained for years in order to claim this role, and is now a skilled rider and can even wield a blade with some prowess.

Her father’s daughter through and through, Adria has a hot temper and a strong will.

Adria Lux

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