Renly Baratheon's Game of Thrones

Busy Days

Alibi Room

“So I’m down at the pier right?” The Red Knight said, waving his drink for emphasis, as the barmaid nodded along, her attention more focused on the glass she was cleaning than him. But he had an easy to follow voice built for storytelling, and if you kept them happy knights could drop the kinds of tips a whole evening full of commoners couldn’t match. So she made sure to comment in the right places, and kept shooting him glances.

“and my buddy Thorgrin Dinar’s down there with Lady Raquel Lux. Now Lady Athna Dinar and a shy little Stormwind girl are there. I didn’t really get a look at the stormwind girl, she kept hiding her face behind her hands, and lets face it, poor lass was standing between Lady Athna and Lady Lux so I doubt people would have paid her much mind unless she hopped about naked. It’s just kind rough, I mean Lady Lux is like 5’10” with legs that go on forever, and really gold blond hair, and Lady Athna is all kinds of short and curvy with shiny gold eyes. Anyway, Throgrin’s there, and he keeps snappin at Lady Lux cause she has opinions and things, and bless her heart she just walks off cause I was about to lay his ass out.
“So I walk her back to the fortress, then I run into my old pal Cullen Black Adder. He’s a ser now actually. Cool little dude, really looks up to me you know. anyway, we’re out and he’s looking into this thing with the city watch. Prolly cause his dad is the master of war, his dad’s cool to actually, known him since I was a little tyke. Anyway so we bum back and forth between ser Angram and some fat city watch guy for a bit, then Cullen sets me an Thorgrin after this James guy he’s been looking for all day, so we go to his place and… uh…”
“And what?” The waitress asked.
“You know, I ain’t exactly sure. Sorry I’m a little buzzed. I’ve been here for…”
“Nine hours.” she said.
“Right nine hours. Wait, when do you get off?”
“when all my tables clear.”
“…” The Red Knight glanced around the empty bar. “I’m the last one?”
“and you can’t leave till I go?”
“…Wanna screw?”
“If it gets you off my table.”



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