Renly Baratheon's Game of Thrones

August 22, 298

The King's Council

To the Lord of House Agros:

Warmest greetings father. I hope this letter finds you and mother well.

I wish you could see the size and scale of the army that has been amassed here in Storms End. The keep appears to be stacked to rafters with items of finery and Lord and Ladies of such renown, I can only consider myself lucky to be counted among them.

Kager and Kavron are in good company and while many nobles refer to Kager as a bastard, he is handling it well. We all took part in the melee in the Kings Turney, and all performed well. Kavron met with a bit of misfortune in the early goings, but fought with honor and won over the crowd with his jest. Kager and I found ourselves in the final 12, but alas neither of us could claim the prize over Ser Edmund Matteson. He and I faced each other in final combat, and I will attest he is the finest swordsman I have ever faced. I am lucky to call him companion in our endeavors and I hope to one day call him friend.

The men are well and their spirits are high. The years of training and dedication are apparent as I take measure of the other camps. Though small in number, they are maintaining superb discipline. I have high hopes for them and believe them to be of the highest caliber.

The King announced the creation of his Kings Council today and named the Hand of the King. While the Lords appointed to the Kings Council were no surprise, the King declared four smaller councils be created to serve beneath the Masters of the Kings Council. I was honored to be selected to join Master Tarley’s War Council to serve as the Minister of Siege. Kavron was selected to serve the Master of Whispers as the Minister of Lies. While the title is none to flattering the position is one I believe him well suited for. He is to spread discord among the enemy and undermine their leadership.

Among other events, I have met the most glorious woman. I have never met a woman whose thirst for knowledge rivaled father’s or whose beauty surpassed mothers. Her name is Lady Astoria St. Clarie, of House St. Claire from the Reach. She strikes me as a woman of many talents, but little experience. Though her inexperience shows from her lack of self confidence, she surprises me with her ability to feel confident in her knowledge. I feel if I continue to be patient, I may be able to win her heart as well as her hand.

Please express to my love and deepest thanks to Karon for the love she has shown my dear son Kragon. With any good fortune we will secure our position enough to bring them to Storms End by the next solstice.

Your loving son,



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