Renly Baratheon's Game of Thrones

August 1st, 298

The Tourney at Storm's

Dear Mother,
I have arrived at Storm’s End and am writing to let you know that I have arrived safely and that the muster is underway. It’s quite the gathering and it seems Houses from across the Stormlands and Reach are here. House Aquila, House Bannatyne, House Corax, House Crawley, House Matteson, House Stormwind, House Ghannam, and numerous smaller houses. House Agros has yet to arrive, but the grapevine says they are sending a force.
House Tyrell seems to be fully backing cousin Renly, but several of his bannermen seem to still be mustering. The Tarly’s aren’t here, nor is House Anzo or House Saint Claire. The biggest commitments seem to be from House Kumo and House Bagheera.

I probably should have told you this sooner, but it seems cousin Renly is going to wed Margery Tyrell, which is probably why Mace Tyrell is supporting his claim. Also the rumors about Margery are true, she is lovely, but I don’t think she’s ever heard the word modesty. Her dresses don’t conceal anything. If she wasn’t marrying cousin Renly I’d have called her a whore to her face.

Cousin Renly doesn’t seem to be in a hurry to begin a campaign, I don’t even know where he intends to march first. He even declared a tournament yesterday. I’ll list the matches, at the bottom of the letter because I know Silas and the Little Thundercloud like them.

I’ve met a few interesting people. Ser Varian Stormwind, who has the silliest armor I’ve ever seen. It’s blue, with giant shoulder pauldrons. Not just big, huge, I don’t know how he lifts his arms. Ser Grunval Ghannam, who’s vulgar but somewhat funny. The Matteson brothers, Hagen and Edmund. Hagen is as big around as he is tall, and Edmund seemed rather serious, but had a sort of cheery optimism about him. He’s one of the finest swordsmen I’ve ever seen, I got lucky and spied a sparring match between him and a hedge knight. At least I think the fellow was a hedge knight I wasn’t that close and i had some trouble making out his shield colors. The three Kumo brothers were interesting. I only spoke briefly to Anton, but Vallon was quite jovial even if he was a little forward. Rene was quite nice. We took a walk around the camp and talked a lot about religion. Well, he did most of the talking but he made a lot of sense, and I enjoyed listening. I didn’t really meetLoras Tyrell, but all the rumors abut him are true, he has a face that can slay a maiden at fifty paces.

The Joust Matches- I entered the lists, don’t tell father.
The First Match was Ser Varian Stormwind The Thunderer vs Ser Robert Crawley
The Second Match was Ser Grunval Ghannam vs Nero Corax the Dread
The Third Match was Ser Vladmir Aquila vs Ser Azhan Aquila the Blood Eagle
The Fourth Match was Ser Noac Bagheera the Fearless vs Ser William Brownel
The Fifth was Ser Loras Tyrell vs the Storm Knight
The Sixth was Ser Rene Kumo vs Ser Edmund Matteson the Blackadder
The Seventh Match was Gregor Bannatyne the Greatbeard vs Anton Kumo
The Eighth Match was Ser Vallon Kumo Vs Me.

Ser Stormwind hit Ser Crawley so hard on the first tilt, that on the second pass Ser Crawley dropped his lance. Ser Stormwind pulled his lance in time, so they re-ran the second tilt. Neither connected with another hit, so cousin Renly awarded the match to Ser Stormwind.

Ser Nero unseated Ser Ghannam on the first pass, hitting him so hard he flopped on the ground like a fish fresh off the line.

Ser Vladmir Aquila unseated his son Azhanon the second tilt.

Ser Noac Bagheera, who stands as tall as a giant, hit poor William so hard he bounced off the ground like a pebble skipping on a pond.

Ser Loras Tyrell and the Storm Knight had the most exiting match, it went for seven tilts! Each round they shattered their lances on each others shields. Cousin Renly was on his feet, “Another tilt! Another! Another!” he shouted after each pass. Ser Loras took the match in the last tilt, unhorsing the Storm Knight, while the Storm Knight only shattered another lance on Ser Loras.

Ser Edmund bested Ser Rene, but I missed most of the match. Ser Loras came to rest by were I was standing.

Ser Bannatyne lost to Ser Anton by points. Ser Anton shattering three lances, and Ser Bannatyne landed nary a one.

I managed to defeat Ser Vallon, I managed to land glancing blows in the first two rounds, while his lance didn’t find the mark. We both knocked each other off of our mounts in the third tilt, cousin Renly called for another round, but Ser Vallon yielded the match, so I suppose mine was the better struck blow.

The Second Round was just as intense.

Ser Corax and Ser Stormwind, both missed on their first pass, but Ser Stormwind leaned to far into the strike on his next pass and Ser Corax soundly unseated him. Part of Ser Corax’s lance embedded in Ser Stormwind’s neck and they had to remove it in the tents.

Ser Aquila unseated Ser Bagheera on the first pass, it was one of the worst hits I’ve ever seen in a tilt. Ser Bagheera’s shield must have flown over twenty feet, and he fell inwards onto the railing, smashing through an entire section. Then, while Ser Bagheera was still sprawled on the ground, Ser Aquila let off a wild battlecry like some frothing northern barbarian instead of a knight. I don’t know how Ser Bagheera found the strength to rise, but not only did he get to his feet, he left the field without any aid.

Ser Edmund lost to Ser Loras on the second tilt, it was a well placed strike, but Ser Edmund took the hit well and was back on his feet before Ser Loras had cleared the field.

I managed to strike Ser Anton in the first and second tilts in our match but he managed to unhorse me in the second tilt, and he took the match.

Ser Loras took the Tourney and sadly I missed the final rounds. My bascinet, the part of the helmet that has the hinges over the visor mother, got jammed in the final round and I had to have a blacksmith get me out of my helmet.


XP: Edmund 2, Saris 2, Varion 2

Saris purchased: (At GM discretion) Henchmen Jayne

August 1st, 298

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