Renly Baratheon's Game of Thrones

Aug 22, 298 Saris

The King's Council


I will say this for cousin Renly, he’s an active King. He’s not only assembled a Small Council, but redesigned the traditional format, and introduced a sub council to aid each of the Masters. Each Sub council is composed of Ministers who aid the Master in a particular way.
The Hand of the King is LordRobert Crawley, but I’m not sure exactly what his roll is in the new council format. Rather than being the second most powerful man in the Kingdom, the position seems more to be the first among the Masters. His injury from the tournament doesn’t seem to be healing very well, so I’m not sure how long he’ll remain in service.

Lord Vladmir Aquila is the Master of Laws, and his ministers are Ser Varian Stormwind, Ser Noac Bagheera, Ser Nero Corax, and a Septon Noire.

Your old friend Lord Randyl Tarly is the Master of War, and his Ministers are Ser Edmund the Black Adder, Ser Kaegren Agros, Ser Jonah Lux, and a Ser Darkwater. We’ve spoken a few times since he’s arrived and he’s been polite but distant.

Another of your friends, The Greatbeard, is the Master of Whispers, and his Ministers are Ser Grunval Ghannam, Ser Kavron Agros, Adric Lux, and Renly’s Grand Maester Pericles.

Lord Mace Tyrell is the Master of Coin, and I’m serving as one of his ministers alongside Thorin Dinar, Ser Vallon Kumo, and Astoria Saint Claire.

It was quite the announcement when Renly announced his new set up, and everyone was really impressed with some of the book work I’ve been doing for Renly, looking into historical armies fielded by various high lords and how quickly losses were replaced. Both Lord Bannatyne and Lord Tyrell wanted me on their council at first, before they decided I’d be better suited serving on Lord Tyrell’s council. I can see why they put me there, Lord Tyrell seems quite friendly but somewhat hesitant involving financial matters.

I’ve found a Knight willing to take on the Little Thundercloud, Ser Pierre Storm, the base born son of Lord Vladmir Aquila. His skill with a blade is excellent, I observed one of his matches with Ser Edmund, and his bladework is quite impressive, his skill with a hand and a half blade especially. I know you maybe hesitant to letting him squire under a bastard but I think a few years of serving as the squire to another base born son of a high lord, one who can show him a different side of the Kingdom and whose martial skills are great enough to train him will be far more valuable to him than cleaning the boots of some middling Lord.




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